Case and Outbreak Management Plans

Last Updated: 29 Nov 2021 6:34pm

A Case and Outbreak Management Plan captures your organisation’s roles and responsibilities in preparing for and responding to a confirmed case/s of COVID-19 in your workplace or setting.

Before writing your Outbreak Management Plan, read the COVID-19 Case and Outbreak Management Framework for Tasmanian Settings. This will help you understand what may be expected of your organisation. Also consider the needs and perspectives of diverse groups within your setting, including people at higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19 or whose preferred language is not English.

Outbreak management plan template

The Outbreak management plan template is a guide only. Modify it according to the needs and context of your organisation. If you already have an Outbreak Management Plan, use the template to check it is complete and up to date.

If your workplace or setting is small and not high-risk, it may be sufficient to document your planned case and outbreak activities in your COVID-19 Safety Plan, and not to have a separate Case and Outbreak Management Plan. Working through the Case and Outbreak Management Plan template will guide you through determining if you need both plans.

High-risk settings

The Framework is especially important for high-risk settings where COVID-19 may spread quickly, outbreak management may be complex, there is a higher risk of triggering community spread and cases may disrupt essential services.

Read more about planning for a high-risk setting.


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