Preparing your business for COVID-19 cases and outbreaks

Last Updated: 29 Nov 2021 4:41pm

Preparing for a case or outbreak in your workplace or organisation

Being prepared for cases or an outbreak of COVID-19 will help you to respond well and quickly, and minimise disruption to normal services and activities.

Preparedness activities should include:

  • updating your COVID-19 Safety Plan and/or Outbreak Management Plan
  • encouraging all staff to be vaccinated against COVID-19
  • undertaking the mandatory risk assessment to determine if the risks of COVID-19 are significant and what measures you may need to take to protect your staff and business. This may include requiring staff to be vaccinated or requiring mask wearing in the workplace.
  • ensuring your workplace has an adequate supply of facemasks available for staff if required
  • encouraging all staff and visitors to use the Check in TAS app, and making sure that you have manual check in/visitor logs available
  • maintaining adequate cleaning supplies
  • optimising ventilation in your workplace
  • identifying the person who will lead your response and be the main contact person for Public Health
  • planning how you will communicate with your staff and clients about a case or outbreak associated with your workplace
  • considering how you will safely continue business during the response, suspend activities if necessary and resume activities after the response.
  • having a plan for staff to work from home (if possible/appropriate) and how this will be enacted
  • reviewing existing health screening processes (if appropriate).

These actions should be captured in your COVID-19 Safety Plan and/or Case and Outbreak Management Plan.

Safety and outbreak plans

COVID-19 Safety Plans capture how your business or organisation complies with the minimum standards for managing the risks of COVID-19, to keep staff and other people within the setting safe.

Outbreak Management Plans capture how your business or organisation will prepare for and respond to a confirmed case or cases of COVID-19 in your workplace or setting.

If your workplace or setting is small and not high-risk, it may be sufficient to document your planned case and outbreak activities in your COVID-19 Safety Plan, and not have a separate Case and Outbreak Management Plan. Working through the Case and Outbreak Management Plan template will guide you through determining if you need both plans.

If you only have a COVID-19 Safety Plan, the actions your business/organisation will take if there is a case linked to your premises should be outlined in the section Responding to an incident of COVID-19 in the workplace. Your COVID-19 Safety Plan captures how your business or organisation is meeting the minimum standards to be safe.

Developing a COVID-19 Safety Plan

Developing an Outbreak Management Plan


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