COVID-19 Case and Outbreak Management

Last Updated: 26 Nov 2021 2:22pm

Tasmania’s response to COVID-19 transitions from zero cases to living in a COVID-19 vaccinated community from 15 December 2021.

This means you need to be prepared for a case or outbreak of COVID-19 occurring in your business or organisation, and be ready to work closely with Public Health to act quickly to limit the spread of the virus within your workplace and into the wider community.

All businesses and organisations should have a COVID-19 Safety Plan that captures how your business or organisation complies with the minimum standards for managing the risks of COVID-19, to keep staff and other people within the setting safe.COVID-19 Safety Plans should be reviewed regularly, and particularly in the lead up to the opening of Tasmania’s borders.

An Outbreak Management Plan captures how your business or organisation will prepare for and respond to a confirmed case or cases of COVID-19 in your workplace or setting.

Case and outbreak planning resources

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