Quarantine facilities

Last Updated: 04 Feb 2022 12:11pm

Quarantine facilities

Protecting people who work at quarantine facilities is an essential part of protecting people who are at higher risk of exposure to COVID-19. For information about hotel quarantine go to government-managed quarantine facility (Hotel quarantine).

Vaccination Requirements

Workers at quarantine facilities must be sufficiently vaccinated against COVID-19. This means that all relevant workers must have received their second dose by 7 January 2022.

Workers are required to provide evidence of COVID-19 vaccination or a valid exemption to their supervisor, or they will not be permitted to enter or remain on the premises of a quarantine facility. Refer to Employer information.

The Direction, Vaccination requirements for certain workers, applies to people who enter a quarantine facility for work, and people who are contracted by the Tasmanian Government to transport people who are quarantining.
It does not apply to people who are on site solely to deliver or collect items, or people who are responding to an emergency.

For answers to common questions including how to get evidence of your vaccination refer to Frequently asked questions and resources.