Travelling for work in Tasmania

COVID-19 is transferred through close contact with people. To stop the spread of COVID-19, Tasmanians are required to remain in or on their primary residence where possible. This includes working from home, unless that work is unable to be performed at the person’s primary residence.

If you are required to travel within Tasmania for work, you are encouraged to consider:

  • Is the work urgent, or can it wait until COVID-19 restrictions ease?
  • Is it possible to complete the work from home?
  • Is it possible to seek the services you need online or over the phone? Many businesses have adapted to be able to provide a range of services remotely.
  • Is it possible to delegate the task to someone who may live in the area you wish to travel to?

If you feel symptomatic of COVID-19 (for example, sore throat, respiratory issues, fever, coughing) you should not travel for work. You should call the Public Health Hotline or your medical practitioner to determine whether testing should occur.

If you are required to travel for work, you should maintain excellent hand hygiene, particularly before and after eating, and observe strict physical distancing.

If you are required to travel for work and stay overnight at a location that is not your primary residence, you must:

  • treat that location as if it were your primary residence, and only leave it for permitted reasons under the “Stay at Home” Direction; and
  • not stay in that location for longer than is necessary to carry out that work.

Tasmania Police ensure compliance with the “Stay at Home” Direction, which may include asking drivers for their reason for travel and travel destination.