Government Check in TAS policy

Last Updated: 13 Dec 2021 4:23pm

All State Service employees, officers, volunteers, contractors and visitors aged 16 years and older are required to ‘check in’ using the Check in TAS app on arrival when they enter the premises of a Government agency.

This whole-of-government policy helps normalise the practice of checking in at work, business, and community premises. It is in addition to Workplace Health and Safety obligations and supports workplace COVID Safety Plans.

From 1 July 2021, all Government agencies are:

  • providing separate Check in TAS QR codes for each of their premises;
  • strongly encouraging the use of Check in TAS by employees, officers, contractors, volunteers, and visitors aged 16 years and over:
    • when they attend the agency’s premises (once a day); and
    • at any off-site events managed by the agency (ie conferences, training etc).

The policy applies to all agencies, including Government Departments and the following State Authorities: the Tasmanian Audit Office, Brand Tasmania, Integrity Commission, Macquarie Point Development Corporation, Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority, Tasmanian Dairy Industry Authority, TasTAFE, The Public Trustee, and Tourism Tasmania.

The policy does not apply to students in Department of Education schools and colleges, either in relation to the school/college they attend or other Government premises that the student visits as part of a school excursion. It does apply to TasTAFE students if they are 16 years old or older.

Registration is based on a physical address, so a separate registration is required for each location. Where multiple agencies operate from the same building there is one QR code for the building rather than each agency having a separate QR code.

Agencies display their QR codes at entry points to Government premises. A separate QR code for each floor is not necessary, however Heads of Agencies may determine that their particular building should have multiple QR codes.

Agencies should liaise with co-located organisations (eg councils or private sector organisations) with a view to implementing Check in TAS for the shared workplace.

If a co-located organisation declines to implement Check in TAS, the agency will still use Check in TAS for State Government employees and visitors.

Premises that are subject to the Contact Tracing direction may operate from within State Government workplaces (eg cafes in hospitals). These premises are legally required to have their own QR codes and check patrons in separately.

Staff and visitors who complete the Department of Health Screening Questionnaire when entering public hospitals and other public health premises in Tasmania do not have to also check-in using Check in TAS because sufficient information for contact tracing is collected through the electronic questionnaire.

The data collected when a Tasmanian State Service employee swipes their access card is not suitable for contact tracing by Public Health. There are multiple swipe-card systems in use, the data collected is limited and the time it would take to access the data makes it impractical. The Check in TAS app has been custom made for contact tracing purposes. It records data in a format that is compatible with Public Health systems, is secure and can be quickly accessed when needed.

A Tasmanian Government employee will not be denied access to their workplace as a result of this policy. Similarly, other people entering the premises of a Government agency will not be denied access to Tasmanian Government services as a result of this policy.

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