Tasmanian statistics

Last Updated: 27 Nov 2020 11:04am

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The following information relates to the Essential Traveller Category 4: Specialist skills critical to maintaining key industries or businesses. See Essential Traveller categories for more information.

This includes time critical, specialist or locally unavailable essential workers who have been granted exemption from the 14 day quarantine period upon entering Tasmania. Additional conditions apply to Essential Travellers while in the State.

Exemptions granted on 26 November 2020

Medium-risk area1
High-risk area0
Industry breakdownGranted on
26 November 2020
Total since
26 August 2020
Food supply/Freight064
Other (includes community, government, entertainment and aviation sectors)0114
All industries1987

As at 6pm, 25 November 2020

Laboratory tests

25 November 2020383
Total laboratory tests127,669

Source: Public Health Services. Information will be updated each weekday.

As at 6pm, 26 November 2020

Cases in TasmaniaNumber
New cases in past 24 hours 0
Total cases 228
Active 0
Recovered 215
Deaths 13

Source: Public Health Services.

Government-designated quarantine accommodation (Hotel location) Number currently in quarantine Total since 30 March 2020
South 19 3,924
North 7 2,132
North West 13           2,050

Source:  Department of Communities Tasmania