Aged care facility visits

Aged care facility visit restrictions

The current Direction for Residential Aged Care Facilities allows visits by family and friends to provide care and support to residents but with the following limits:

  • each resident may have one visit a day, by up to two visitors, for no longer than two hours
  • visits to be in the resident’s room, outdoors or a designated area in the facility
  • all visitors must have an influenza vaccination (more on this below).

Additional visits will only be permitted:

  • for the purpose of end of life support
  • if requested by the facility to provide essential support to a resident to reduce distress or confusion as a result of a medical condition.

People should not visit any residential aged care facility if they:

  • have been interstate or overseas in the past 14 days
  • are displaying symptoms of respiratory infection or have a temperature higher than 37.5 degrees
  • have had contact within the past 14 days with a person diagnosed with COVID-19, or reasonably suspected of having COVID-19
  • are aged 16 years or less, except by exception (eg. for end of life support).

Operators of aged care facilities must screen all people before they enter the premises.

Influenza vaccination

From 1 May 2020, you must have your influenza vaccination to work in or visit an aged care facility. In Tasmania, if you have a certificate from a GP stating that you have a medical contra-indication to influenza vaccine, then this requirement does not apply.

The exception to this requirement is if you are entering the premises for the purposes of emergency medical, including transport, emergency management or law enforcement services.

For more information, see Influenza vaccines in residential aged care settings FAQs.