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Case alerts in Tasmania

The Tasmanian Department of Health will no longer be publishing exposure sites, this is due to the rapid spread of the Omicron variant.

Case alerts – public exposure sites in Tasmania

Last Updated: 06 Jan 2022 5:46pm

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Changes to exposure site listings in Tasmania

The Tasmanian Department of Health will no longer be publishing exposure sites, this is due to the rapid spread of the Omicron variant.

All Tasmanians should assume that when they are at a gathering, visiting a business or meeting with friends, there is a high chance that they could be exposed to the COVID-19 virus. It is important that we all continue to follow all health and safety precautions to reduce the chance of catching and spreading the disease.

Check-in Tas will continue to be used as part of the contact tracing process and to identify those who have been at high-risk venues, workplaces or attended a large event. Department of Health will notify patrons via SMS that they have attended high-risk venue where positive cases have been present and that they need to quarantine and take a COVID-19 rapid antigen test (RAT) or PCR test.

Cases within the Workplace

With increasing case numbers in Tasmania, a case will be advised to tell their workplace they have tested positive for COVID-19 so information can be provided to other staff.

A business may also find out a worker has tested positive in some instances from Public Health. If the worker is still in the workplace, they must be directed to go home. They will be required to isolate for a minimum of 7 days from the day they had the test. Workplaces should advise all other staff to monitor for symptoms and get tested if symptoms develop and isolate until they get a negative test result.

To assist in keeping all Tasmanians safe, workplaces should ensure all staff continue to practice COVID-safe behaviours including wearing masks while indoors, practicing hand hygiene and advising staff to avoid having meal breaks and meetings together in enclosed spaces. Employers should encourage vaccination for all staff – including a booster.

The following will apply to all businesses:

  • Staff will not be identified as close contacts in the workplace unless they have had household like exposures to cases being longer than 4 hours and without wearing a mask.
  • Businesses and workplaces will not be listed as exposure sites.
  • Public Health will only be in contact if several cases are linked to your premises or event

See Respond to COVID-19 cases for more information.

It is possible some businesses will experience staff shortages due to isolation of cases who have been exposed in the community and to quarantining of close contacts who live in the same household as a case.

Planning and preparedness are important for all businesses and organisations, and your COVID-19 Safety Plan will help you work through this process. Read more about COVID-19 Case and Outbreak Management.