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COVID@home has now become “COVID@homeplus” to provide care for vulnerable patients with COVID-19, other respiratory illnesses such as Influenza (flu) or flu-like illness, who meet other specific referral criteria.

COVID@homeplus is not an emergency or urgent care service. COVID@homeplus assesses, monitors and supports eligible people to safely recover from illness at home. People who are very ill with COVID-19, flu or other flu-like illness should seek urgent care from their GP, healthcare provider, hospital emergency department or by phoning Triple Zero (000).


A translator or interpreter in your preferred language is available when you phone COVID@homeplus on 1800 973 363. COVID@homeplus translated resources are also available.

Care for people with COVID-19

Most fully vaccinated people who have COVID-19 will experience mild to moderate symptoms and be able to recover in their own home. COVID-positive people may choose to be supported by COVID@homeplus. If you choose to enrol, you will have access to remote healthcare in the home. Depending on your individual circumstances, you may also be provided with a kit containing devices specifically designed for the COVID@homeplus environment. These devices enable the COVID@homeplus team to monitor your symptoms and recovery.

The COVID@homeplus team is available for advice and support for anyone who has COVID-19 or is caring for someone with COVID-19.

If you are enrolled in COVID@homeplus and no longer wish to participate, please contact the team.

The COVID@homeplus contact number is 1800 973 363.

Eligibility and enrolment

How to enrol

If you have tested positive to COVID-19 you will receive an SMS from Public Health within 24 hours of registering your positive RAT result or receiving notification of a positive PCR result. This SMS will contain a survey asking if you would like to enrol in COVID@homeplus. You must complete this survey if you would like to enrol in COVID@homeplus.

If you choose to enrol , the COVID@homeplus team will assess your situation and needs to determine the level of care you require. Your level of care will be influenced by risk factors such as:

  • your age
  • vaccination status
  • symptom severity
  • if you have a suppressed immune system
  • if you are pregnant
  • if you identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander.

Levels of care


You can access support from the COVID@homeplus team by calling 1800 973 363. You will receive an SMS from COVID@homeplus about the support services available to you.

Moderate – high

You will receive support from the COVID@homeplus team and a COVID@homeplus virtual healthcare monitoring kit with devices to support daily  clinical assessment. Depending on your pathway, the virtual COVID@homeplus care team may also provide video call assessments if required.

Regardless of your pathway COVID@homeplus, the team is available for support and advice via 1800 973 363.

Care for people with flu or flu-like illness

People who are at high-risk of severe complications from flu, other flu-like illness, or who meet other specific referral criteria, may be eligible for care through COVID@homeplus via referral by their GP or other healthcare provider.

If you have flu or another flu-like illness, seeing your GP in the first instance is important to make sure you receive the correct diagnosis and the best care while you recover.

Eligibility and enrolment for people with flu or flu-like illness  

If you have flu or another flu-like illness, you may be eligible for enrolment in COVID@homeplus.

Visit your GP or healthcare provider in the first instance. They will assess your needs.

High-risk people include older Tasmanians, Aboriginal people, pregnant women, and those with certain chronic health conditions including children under 5.

Care within the home

All people with flu or flu-like illness who are enrolled in COVID@homeplus will receive support from the COVID@homeplus team. Depending on the person’s circumstances, they may also receive a COVID@homeplus virtual healthcare monitoring kit with devices to support daily clinical assessment. The virtual COVID@homeplus care team may also provide video call assessments if required.

People with flu or flu-like illness will be enrolled in COVID@homeplus for seven to a maximum of ten days before being discharged to resume usual GP care.

Your COVID@homeplus care team

While you are enrolled in COVID@homeplus you will be supported by a team of staff from the Department of Health including nurses, doctors, allied health professionals and our admin team.

Our admin team are the first people you will speak with. They will confirm your details and enrol you in the COVID@homeplus system.

If you require clinical advice, the admin team will organise for a nurse or doctor to contact you as soon as possible. If you have COVID-19, with your consent, your existing healthcare provider, such as general practitioner (GP), will be consulted to make sure we provide you with the most suitable support and for discharge information/support when you leave COVID@homeplus.

If you have been referred to COVID@homeplus with flu or flu-like illness, we will still seek your consent to consult with your GP about your care and to provide them with discharge information.

Virtual healthcare monitoring kit

If you are given a COVID@homeplus virtual healthcare monitoring kit, the COVID@homeplus team will let you know how your kit will be provided to you.  The kit includes a monitor to check your oxygen levels and heart rate, a thermometer to check your temperature, and a smartphone device with MyCareManager application for the team to monitor your results virtually.

You will submit checks at least daily using the smartphone. The information will feed directly back to the COVID@homeplus clinical team who will contact you if required and make sure you have the care you need.

When you leave the program, the COVID@homeplus team will contact you to arrange return of the virtual healthcare monitoring kit.

Monitoring your symptoms

Even if you’re feeling well or only slightly unwell, it’s important to watch your symptoms and understand when you might need to get more help. If you feel that your symptoms are getting worse, phone the COVID@homeplus team on 1800 973 363 for advice.

If you are very unwell, you may be transferred to hospital.

Read more about how to manage your symptoms at home.

Factsheet: Monitoring your symptoms 15 years of age and under
Factsheet: Monitoring your symptoms for over 16 years of age

When to call an ambulance

You should always call an ambulance if:

  • you are experiencing severe symptoms, like shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • you think it’s an emergency
  • you think your life or someone else’s life is in danger.

Call Triple Zero (000) for an ambulance. You should tell the operator if you have COVID-19.

Social and welfare support

You can contact the COVID@homeplus team on 1800 973 363 to access support for any other health or social needs.

GPs and other community partners like your local pharmacy are available to provide extra support.


Fact sheet: COVID@homeplus