Extension of the Public Health Emergency Declaration

06 Apr 2022

The Director of Public Health, Dr Mark Veitch, has declared a further extension of the Public Health Emergency Declaration under the Public Health Act 1997 (the Act).

For the first time since the initial emergency declaration on 17 March 2020, Dr Veitch has elected to renew the declaration for a shorter eight-week period, starting 5 April 2022.

While the daily per capita incidence of notified cases of COVID-19 in Tasmania remains high, the prevalence of COVID-19 hospitalisations has been low.

It is expected that the current wave of infection in Tasmania will decline over the eight-week period of the extension of the Declaration.

The management of COVID-19 will be reviewed during this time, aiming to ensure that measures address the clinical and public health risks from the virus, while minimising the risk of social and economic harms.

Under the Act, Dr Veitch may end the Emergency Declaration sooner than, or to extend it beyond, the latest eight-week period, should he feel the situation require him to do so. Any future decisions will be based on an assessment of the COVID-19 situation at that time.