Free flu shots at GP clinics and pharmacies for 4 weeks from 6 June 2022

02 Jun 2022

The Tasmanian Government will provide flu vaccinations for free across GP clinics and Pharmacies for 4 weeks from this Monday, 6 June 2022.

This initiative extends the current National Immunisation Program and State-run Community clinics to provide for a universal free vaccine program for 4 weeks until 6 July 2022. This initiative will assist with access to flu vaccination for all Tasmanians and limit the spread and seriousness of the influenza season as flu cases start to rise in the state.

This program supplements the National Immunisation Program (NIP) which provides the vaccine free of charge for those aged 65+, for children under 5 and for people any age who have a range of medical conditions.

The Department of Health will continue to run community clinics, which will include areas where access to GPs and pharmacies is limited.

From 6 June 2002, the Tasmanian Government will cover the vaccine and related administration costs at GPs and pharmacies.  The usual Medicare arrangements will apply for the GP consultation.

If you haven’t yet received your flu shot, make an appointment now to take advantage of this scheme and to ensure GPs and pharmacies are able to manage stock and available appointments.

And as a reminder, Free Flu vaccine will be available for:

  • 10 years and older at participating pharmacies
  • 6 months and older at GPs and community clinics

And don’t forget if you are due for a COVID-19 booster dose, you can have this at the same time, or on the same day, as your flu shot.

A simple claim process will be put in place to allow GPs and pharmacies to make claims as they deliver the doses.

For more information about flu vaccination go to Flu vaccinations on the Health website.