Temporary exemption framework for close contact workers in critical industries

13 Jan 2022

A contingency framework is being put in place to enable workplaces, identified as essential for the supply of critical goods and services to the community, to register for essential staff to be exempt from the quarantine requirement for close contacts if they are identified as a critical worker.

This contingency framework only applies to businesses within identified sectors. It does not provide exemptions in advance of shortage issues arising and only becomes available once there is a critical shortage to staff due to the quarantine requirement for close contacts.

The identified sectors are:

  • day procedures centres that fall within the meaning of the Health Services Establishments Act.
  • emergency services – including police, fire and emergency response personnel
  • power, utilities and essential infrastructure services including water, waste and sewage
  • agriculture and fisheries production
  • freight and logistics in relation to essential goods (for example food, beverages, groceries, sanitary products, medication or other medical products)
  • major manufacturing, distribution, and critical supply chains in relation to essential goods (for example food and fuel, supermarket shelf packing and refills but not retail sales)
  • correctional and detention facilities
  • essential commercial cleaning and laundry services (note – excluding residential)
  • public transport services.

For more information and to register see Framework for critical industries.