Update to Victorian and New South Wales travel restrictions

26 Nov 2021

Public Health Services have announced that a number of Local Government Areas (LGAs) in NSW and Victoria will be downgraded from high-risk (level 1) ‘no travel’ to high-risk (level 1).

This means that these LGAs will be the same risk level as other areas of NSW (except Moree Plains) and Victoria. Previously travellers who had been in these LGAs in the 14 days before their proposed travel to Tasmania were not permitted to travel to Tasmania.

Travellers who have been in NSW (except the LGA of Moree Plains) or Victoria in the 14 days before their proposed travel to Tasmania will not be able to enter Tasmania unless approved as an Essential Traveller.

There are still premises in NSW and Victoria that remain high-risk (level 1) ‘no travel’ as they have been visited by a COVID case. Essential Traveller status will not be granted to anyone who has spent time in a high-risk (Level 1) premises at the specified dates and times. This includes Tasmanian residents. See the list on the Travel Alert page.

The LGA of Moree Plains in NSW remains a high-risk (level 1) ‘no travel’. Anyone who has spent time in the Moree Plains LGA in the 14 days before arriving in Tasmanian will not be permitted to enter Tasmania at this time.

There are no LGAs remaining in Victoria listed as high-risk (level 1) ‘no travel’, however, if anyone has spent time in Victoria in the 14 days prior to travel, they must be approved to enter Tasmania as an Essential Traveller.

If approved as an Essential Traveller, quarantine is required and must be undertaken in government-managed quarantine facility at their own cost.

A home quarantine option is available for eligible Tasmanian residents returning as Essential Travellers under category 8. If approved, residents will be able to home quarantine for 14 days in a suitable premise. For details and criteria see Tasmanian residents home quarantine option.

Quarantine and other conditions are in place for all Essential Travellers. Travellers can apply for Essential Traveller status via the G2G PASS system.