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COVID Safety kits

A few basic items can help reduce your COVID risk every day and ensure you’re prepared if local cases occur or new community safety measures are introduced

COVID Safety kits

Last Updated: 12 Aug 2021 10:01am

Items for your COVID safety kit

Tasmanians must remain prepared for the reality that new cases of COVID-19 can occur in any community and that rapid responses and lockdowns may be required to deal with these cases. In other parts of Australia, states have responded to new outbreaks in their communities by implementing restrictions and short periods of lockdown. This remains a possibility in Tasmania, particularly as people move around the state and the country more freely.

While our Health authorities continue to prepare for a case or cases occurring, we must all do our bit to make sure we are undertaking daily activities safely and are prepared for the challenges COVID-19 can present with little warning.

Each of us should have in place a COVID safety kit that contains items to improve our personal safety and the safety of the people we come into contact with. Items in this kit can play an important role not only right now but in the event that new community safety measures are introduced or cases of COVID occur in our community. Where applicable, you should already be using some of these items. If there are things you need in the event of a lockdown, get them ready now. This prevents panic buying and the need to go out when staying at home is the safest option. These are the 4 essential items for your COVID safety kit.