Choosing to wear a mask

Last Updated: 02 May 2022 12:21pm

While masks are mandated in some places and circumstances, the voluntary wearing of face masks in other settings offers extra protection against transmission of COVID-19.

You are encouraged to wear a mask as extra protection if you are in a setting where you cannot physically distance, work in a public-facing role, or you are vulnerable to COVID-19.

Masks help reduce the possibility of being infected when coming into contact with infectious airborne respiratory droplets when an infected person speaks, laughs, sings, shouts, coughs or sneezes.

Many people with COVID-19 experience very mild symptoms and may not be aware that they are sick and infectious. Face masks – along with other COVID-19 safe behaviours - considerably reduce the risk of transmission to others.

Keep a supply of masks at home for yourself and other household members. You should also keep a mask with you or easily accessible at all times, as a mask could be required to be worn at short notice.