Face masks – Spirit of Tasmania

Last Updated: 17 Jun 2021 9:24am

As national restrictions have begun to ease, more and more people are travelling between states and territories and the number of people coming in and out of Tasmania has increased.

Our ports of entry into the State, such as our airports and seaports, are places where people from around the country meet in sometimes close proximity for extended periods of time.

Wearing face masks is an additional measure to help prevent transmission in these places where maintaining physical distancing may be difficult, or where there is direct staff and passenger interaction (e.g. during vehicle inspections, biosecurity or health screening checks).

For this reason, face masks must be worn when:

  • In an indoor area of the Spirit of Tasmania terminal that is open to passengers or other members of the public;
  • In a vehicle that is at the Spirit of Tasmania terminal, on board the vessel, or while proceeding through the Biosecurity screening and other check points;
  • In a communal area on board the Spirit of Tasmania vessel while the vessel is at the terminal or in Tasmanian waters; and
  • In other situations as required by the Spirit of Tasmania according to its conditions of travel or workplace policies.

Facemasks are not required to be worn when:

  • outdoors on the deck of the Spirit of Tasmania vessel, unless required by a member of staff such as when social distancing is not possible;
  • inside a cabin on the vessel, if the only people present in the cabin are those who have paid to sleep in that cabin; or
  • you have left the Spirit of Tasmania site after disembarking the vessel and wearing a facemask through the relevant screening check points.


The following people are exempt from wearing a face mask:

  • Children aged 11 years or under do not have to wear or carry face masks, but are encouraged to do so, if possible.
  • Anyone who has medical certification (or other documentation by a medical practitioner) of a physical or mental health illness, condition or disability that makes wearing a fitted face mask unsuitable. You may still be encouraged to wear a mask, if possible. If you are exempt from wearing a face mask, you will be required to show evidence from your doctor (i.e. medical certificate) if requested by a person in authority.

When can I remove my facemask?

You must wear a face mask while indoors at the Spirit of Tasmania terminal, while in your vehicle at the terminal or on the vessel, and when in indoor communal areas on board the vessel.

You may remove your mask when:

  • you are eating, drinking or taking medicine
  • you are communicating with someone who has impaired hearing or who is deaf, and visibility of your mouth is essential for communication
  • wearing the mask would create a risk to your health or safety
  • visibility of your mouth is essential as part of your employment or training so you can be heard and understood
  • you require medical care and this is unable to be provided while you wear a face mask
  • you are requested to remove your face mask by a person in authority, to ascertain or confirm your identity
  • you are required by law to remove your face mask.

You must put a face mask back on as soon as practicable after taking it off for one of the above reasons. If you are not wearing your mask for one of the above reasons, you must still have it with you.

If your mask is disposable, it is recommended that you put a clean mask on. If you are using a cloth mask, then you can put that back on after eating or drinking. See How do I wear a face mask properly? for more details.