Mandatory mask wearing for Essential Travellers

Last Updated: 22 Dec 2021 1:17pm

Additional conditions for Essential Travellers may include the requirement to wear a mask whenever you are outside of your home or place of quarantine. This includes wearing a mask when you are at work, or completing official duties as per your Essential Traveller status.

You may remove your make when:

  • you are undergoing medical care/treatment that is unable to be provided if you are wearing a face mask;
  • you are travelling in a vehicle by yourself (or only with people who you live with);
  • it is an emergency and it is not practicable for you to obtain or wear a face mask;
  • wearing the face mask would create a risk to your health or safety;
  • you have a lawful reason to remove the face mask or have been required to remove it;
  • you have a medical certificate that certifies that you are not suited to wearing a face mask; or
  • you have written approval from the Deputy State Controller not to wear a face mask.
  • See more about conditions for Essential Travellers.