Mask exemptions and exceptions

Last Updated: 01 Sep 2022 8:54am


Where masks are required, exemptions to wearing one include:

  • Children aged under 12 years or those undertaking primary education
  • Anyone who has medical certification (or other documentation from a medical practitioner) of a physical or mental health condition or disability that makes wearing a fitted mask unsuitable
  • Residents and patients at aged care facilities, correctional facilities and hospitals

Reasons for not wearing a mask are not always obvious, so please be respectful of others.


Where masks are required, exceptions to wearing one include:

  • Eating, drinking or taking medicine – replace your mask as soon as you are finished
  • Communicating with a person who is deaf, or has impaired hearing, and visibility of your mouth is essential for the communication
  • Clear enunciation, or visibility of the mouth, is required as part of your employment or training
  • Receiving medical care or treatment that can’t be provided while wearing a face mask
  • There is an emergency and it is not practicable or safe to wear a face mask, including escaping harm or the risk of harm
  • Wearing a face mask would create a risk to your health or safety (eg creates difficulty breathing), including where use of other protective equipment – such as a full-face protective helmet - makes it impractical to also wear a face mask
  • You are requested to remove your face mask by a person in authority to ascertain or to confirm your identity
  • You are performing or rehearsing for a performance (including theatre, musical or dance)
  • You are working, or volunteering, by yourself in an enclosed indoor space, provided no other person is in the space with you
  • You are a prisoner in a prison, subject to any policies of that prison
  • You are detained in a remand centre, youth residential centre or youth justice centre, subject to any policies of that centre


Individuals are responsible for wearing a mask in certain settings and must supply their own mask. See the list of mandatory settings.

An operator can refuse entry to these settings if someone is not wearing a mask and does not have an exemption. Individuals may face a fine of $778.50 for failing to comply with a direction to wear a mask.

Signage is available to help promote the need for masks. Search the Keep it COVID Safe resources.