Influenza vaccination

Last Updated: 04 Aug 2021 8:32am

Influenza (flu) is a potentially serious and sometimes fatal illness, different to the common cold and different to COVID-19.

Yearly influenza vaccination is recommended for everyone aged six months of age and over.

Yearly vaccination is the most important way to protect yourself and the people around you.

When should I get the 2021 influenza vaccination?

In Tasmania, influenza vaccine is generally provided from late April to May.

When you book your influenza vaccination, be aware that the recommended interval between COVID-19 vaccine and other vaccines (including influenza vaccine) is 7 days. This may be shortened in special circumstances (including same day administration) and should be discussed with your health care provider.

In general, people who are eligible for COVID-19 vaccination should receive a COVID-19 vaccination as soon as it is available to them and talk with their healthcare provider about when to get their influenza vaccination.

People eligible for COVID-19 vaccination in later phases of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout should get an influenza vaccination as soon as it is available, and then receive a COVID-19 vaccination 7 days later, when it becomes available to them.

Where can I get the 2021 influenza vaccination and how much does it cost?

Influenza vaccination is available from GPs and some pharmacies. People at greater risk of severe illness from influenza can get free vaccine, although doctors might charge for the appointment.

People at greater risk and eligible for free flu vaccine are:

  • babies aged six months up to their fifth birthday
  • all people aged 65 years and older
  • pregnant women (at any stage of pregnancy)
  • all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged six months and older
  • people aged six months and older with medical conditions that increase the risk of severe illness from influenza.

Influenza vaccination is also available through many workplace programs and some local council immunisation clinics.

What does the influenza vaccine protect against?

Influenza vaccine reduces the risk of seasonal influenza, a potentially serious illness. The 2021 vaccine protects against the strains of influenza that experts predict will potentially have the most impact in Australia in 2021.

Influenza vaccine does not protect against the virus that causes COVID-19.

Where can I get more information about seasonal influenza and vaccination?

You can get more information about seasonal influenza at