Coronavirus update

10 Dec 2020

Dr Mark Veitch, Director of Public Health, Public Health Services

Another person in an international quarantine hotel in Hobart has tested positive to COVID-19.

The man is from the same family as yesterday’s cases and arrived on the repatriation flight of returning Australians from Delhi on Sunday 6 December 2020.

The man was retested yesterday after reporting mild symptoms.

The man is being moved by ambulance to the dedicated facility at the Fountainside Hotel, following onsite clinical assessment at the Best Western. The other three members of that family will also be moved to Fountainside to continue their quarantine and recovery process.

Again, no staff involved in the arrival, transport or quarantine of the family have been isolated, as Public Health advice is that any interactions have been in accordance with the infection prevention and control protocols.

All international arrivals have been treated as potentially infectious COVID cases since arrival, with appropriate infection prevention and control measures in place at all times.

We expected that there would be cases of COVID-19 in quarantine because of the higher-risk posed by international travellers and that’s why we have such a robust quarantine program in place.

Since the arrival of the flight on Sunday, all 118 returned Australians have undergone their first COVID test, and 4 have now been diagnosed positive, all from the one family.

Our testing program has worked in discovering this case. We are ensuring the family receives the care they need, while being isolated from others.

We will do the same if further cases are detected.

This does not mean that Tasmania has COVID-19 in our community.

It does mean we should maintain physical distance where we can, cover our coughs and sneezes, wash our hands, observe COVID restrictions and safety plans, stay home if we’re unwell, and get a test – even if it’s a sniffle.