COVID@home key to health preparedness

29 Nov 2021

Kathrine Morgan-Wicks, Secretary and State Health Commander

The Tasmanian health system is as prepared as it can be for the reopening of the state’s borders on 15 December and our COVID@home program is central to these plans.

COVID@home is part of the Triaged Models of Care for Positive Cases.

It will be used by most Tasmanians who test positive to COVID-19 because the vast majority who return a positive test are likely to only experience mild symptoms and recover, particularly if vaccinated, and can therefore be treated at home.

The COVID@home program has been developed based on best practice in other Australian jurisdictions to provide 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week monitoring and advice if needed in the comfort of people’s homes where appropriate.

It will take into consideration a patient’s symptom severity, risk factors and home situation and covers escalation pathways for admission to hospital if required.

Caring for patients with COVID-19 in their homes allows for the provision of appropriate care, minimises the impact on the healthcare system and frees up hospital beds for patients with moderate or severe illness.

We currently have 2500 MyCare Manager devices to support the program which will be provided where clinically appropriate.

Collaboration and engagement with GPs and community care partners is a critical component of the COVID@home program.

Tasmanians should be assured that their health system is prepared for the borders reopening and the inevitable COVID-19 cases.