First teen winners announced in vaccine incentive blitz

23 Nov 2021

Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Health

As part of our latest blitz to boost vaccination rates among young Tasmanians, three lucky teens have won big prizes.

Hoin Kim (12) of Glenorchy, Emmanuel Kamara (15) of Newnham, and Melanie Garrad (13) of Latrobe, were picked at random after answering the Government’s call and getting vaccinated at state-run community clinics over the weekend.

The prize winners now have the choice of an iPad or iPhone as part of our bid to raise vaccination rates amongst people aged 12-18 before the borders reopen on December 15.

In pleasing news, hundreds of Tasmanian teenagers have already come forward for vaccination since the start of the incentive blitz announced last week.

There is however still plenty of time for young people to get vaccinated and be in with a chance to win.

The five-day incentive blitz – from Saturday 20 November to Wednesday 24 November – is continuing to run until tomorrow.

Any person aged 12-18 years who gets a first or second dose of the vaccine at a state-run community clinic tomorrow will have the chance to win an iPad or iPhone by entering a spot prize draw.

State-run clinics are running after school hours across Tasmania tomorrow to give young people the chance to get vaccinated and enter the draw.

The three are the first of 15 Tasmanians set to win – five per region (North, North-West and South) – during the five-day period, with more to be announced in the coming days.

Additionally, young people who have already been vaccinated will also have a chance to win by registering online for two prize draws on December 1 and December 15.

With three weeks to go before our borders reopen it’s critical for as many young Tasmanians as possible to be vaccinated.

We currently have close to 70 per cent of 12-to-15-year-olds and more than 78 per cent of 16-to-19-year-olds with one dose of the vaccine, but we urgently need this to go even higher to keep Tasmanians safe.

Although young people may not become seriously ill from COVID-19, they experience the highest rates of infection and are the biggest spreaders of the virus from household to household.

By getting vaccinated, young people will reduce the likelihood of spreading the virus to other family members including their parents and grandparents.

To find out more about the incentive blitz, including how to register, visit:

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