Spirit crew members quarantined - Devonport sailing postponed

24 Sep 2021

Dr Julie Graham, Deputy Director of Public Health

Public Health in Tasmania is working closely with the TT-Line to manage 10 primary close contacts of a positive COVID-19 case detected in Melbourne.

The 10 close contacts are crew members on the Spirit of Tasmania who were exposed to the infectious case - a TT-Line contractor.  No positive case has been identified in Tasmania.

The quarantining of these essential crew has resulted in tonight’s sailing of the Spirit of Tasmania from Devonport being postponed.

The 10 close contacts have been removed from the ship and placed into isolation at a local quarantine hotel and will undertake COVID testing.

The rest of the crew, who are secondary contacts and currently assessed as very low-risk, will remain on board tonight and be tested out of an abundance of caution early tomorrow morning.

Because of onboard COVID safety measures put in place by TT-Line, Public Health in Tasmania believes there is no risk to the 60 passengers booked on tonight’s Devonport sailing.

The passengers were informed of the decision to postpone the sailing and given the option to stay on board in their rooms overnight or to safely disembark the vessel this evening. However, for safety reasons no freight or private vehicles will be able to leave the ferry until the morning.

The return of the positive COVID test for the TT-Line contractor also saw the postponement of tonight’s Melbourne to Devonport service. Vic Health is currently managing the impact of that decision on passengers and crew.

Public Health will provide a further public update on the situation tomorrow once test results are received.