Accommodation and leaving Tasmania

Leaving Tasmania

Tasmania has introduced tough border measures as part of a suite of measures that help keep Tasmanians safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. These measures extend to people currently in Tasmania who are not residents of the state.

Non-essential workers and visitors should enact plans to leave Tasmania.

Visitors departing are strongly advised to obtain information on border controls that may be in place at their destination.


A number of measures that help keep the Tasmanian community safe from coronavirus now apply to the provision of accommodation services in Tasmania.

These apply to all commercial accommodation operations including hotels, motels, hostels and guest houses, caravan parks (including cabin type accommodation), bed and breakfasts, and Airbnbs.

All accommodation businesses specified above may only provide accommodation and services to those guests who are:

  • Tasmanian workers
  • interstate workers deemed as “Essential Travellers”
  • in quarantine (who must vacate at the end of the 14 day required period)
  • currently residing permanently at the premises; including students*
  • predominantly residing at the premises while their principal residence is unavailable
  • employed or engaged in the operation of the accommodation service
  • visitors with no permanent address aside from their caravan or motorhome^
  • staying for the purpose of employment, education or training (including fruit pickers and working backpackers^^)
  • requiring respite due to illness, disability or as recommended by a medical practitioner
  • staying for compassionate reasons, including due to family violence or end of life visitation and care.

*Students that are residing in commercial accommodation on a permanent basis are permitted to stay on but will require a letter from their education institution verifying their student status.

^Non-Tasmanians whose only residence is a motorhome or caravan must cease travelling and stay either in a commercial caravan park or private premises until further notice. During this time no touring or non-essential travel is permitted.

Other motorhome or caravanning visitors in Tasmania, can continue stay at caravan parks and campsites whilst they await departure from Tasmania if they have evidence of having booked travel to exit Tasmania on the first available flight or sailing. These visitors must then travel on the date of this booked transport.

^^Fruit pickers and working backpackers may also stay at commercial accommodation for the purposes of employment for the duration of their working arrangement, and may travel for the purposes of moving to and from work and other permitted reasons (such as purchasing food and supplies, attending medical appointments).

What does this mean

All visitors and non-Tasmanians that do not fit into the above categories should have been checked out of their accommodation or be holding evidence of having booked travel to exit Tasmania on the first available flight or sailing on which they must travel.

Physical distancing requirements apply to all commercial accommodation facilities.

Future bookings

For accommodation providers unsure on when to accept or retain future bookings, these decisions will need to be made individually by businesses, while keeping in mind that things may change as the situation develops.

People who refuse to leave

If you have information or concerns regarding non-compliance with this requirement, you can call the Public Health Hotline on 1800 671 738.

Emergency accommodation

Travellers who have no alternative can stay in emergency accommodation so that they have a safe place to stay while they wait to return home.

Travellers needing to access emergency accommodation should contact the Public Health Hotline on 1800 671 738 for more information.