Travelling to Tasmania's islands

Last Updated: 03 Mar 2021 9:59am

Tasmania’s border entry conditions depend on where each traveller has spent time prior to their arrival into the state. Travellers arriving in Tasmania having travelled from a medium or high-risk area are required to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival unless granted an exemption, more information available at Coming to Tasmania.

Quarantine requirement in government accommodation

Under the Directions in relation to persons arriving in Tasmania, travellers who are subject to a quarantine requirement in government accommodation (e.g. a high risk arrival, or a medium risk arrival without suitable accommodation) are not permitted to arrive in Tasmania at King Island, Flinders Island or any island in the Furneaux group of islands unless they have prior approval from the Deputy State Controller.

If a traveller arrives on the islands but has not yet completed the hotel quarantine requirement, they:

  • may elect to immediately leave Tasmania; or
  • may be directed to leave the Island in order to travel to mainland Tasmania and complete a 14 day period of isolation in a government managed accommodation facility.

If you elect to leave Tasmania, an authorised officer may direct you to isolate on the island or mainland Tasmania until you are able to leave Tasmania. You must comply with any directions concerning your transit to the isolation location, and your departure from the island.

If you are required by an authorised officer to complete a period of isolation in a government managed facility on mainland Tasmania, you must comply with any directions of an authorised officer concerning your departure from the island, and your transit to the accommodation facility on mainland Tasmania.