Border control information for health workers

Last Updated: 02 Mar 2021 12:14am

Current exempt categories

Category 2: Health services

  • A clinician in relation to healthcare who is ordinarily a resident in Tasmania and who is requested by the Secretary of the Department of Health, or her delegate, to return to Tasmania to present for duty in Tasmania.
  • A clinician in relation to healthcare who is requested by the Secretary of the Department of Health, or her delegate, to present for duty in Tasmania to perform, during the period in which the person will be present in Tasmania, duties unable to be appropriately performed by a person ordinarily resident in Tasmania.

Category 5: Persons transporting patients, organs and tissues

  • A person who, in the course of their duties, participates in the aeromedical delivery, transport or retrieval of patients, organs or tissues into, or out of, Tasmania.

Further information about these exemptions

These exemptions only apply to clinicians, which means health professional workers including medical, nursing, midwifery, allied health and paramedic professionals.

These exemptions also only apply to Tasmanian residents, or interstate residents requested or approved by the Secretary of the Department of Health, or his or her delegate, to perform healthcare duties in Tasmania during this State of Emergency.

Process to make an exemption application

To apply, complete an online application as part of registering to travel to Tasmania using the G2G PASS system.

Your exemption will only be granted for the purposes of carrying out the health services in your initial application. If you wish to provide any additional services, you will need to reapply for an exemption for those additional services.

How will my application be assessed?

Each individual must complete a separate application form and each case will be assessed on its merits by the Secretary or Secretary’s delegate. Sufficient information must be provided to enable an assessment to be made. A separate application must also be made for each time you enter Tasmania.

Applications must disclose any risk factors applying to persons seeking exemption, including their recent travel history, possible contact with persons exposed to COVID-19 and any other relevant information.

The decision on the application will consider how essential the person is to the health system in Tasmania, as well as the risk presented based on where the traveller has spent time in the preceding weeks.

What do I do once I make my application?

You will receive a notification advising of the decision on your application and any further quarantine instructions that you must follow.

If you have arrived in Tasmania without an exemption, you are required to quarantine yourself until you receive notification that your exemption has been granted. In some circumstances, not meeting the requirements of a Specified Person (health care worker) may lead to you not being permitted to remain in the state, depending on the circumstances of your arrival and the relevant Directions on the date of your arrival.

Some employers may impose additional conditions. You must not present for work until you have received notification approving your exemption from quarantine, and have met all other appropriate conditions applied by your employer.

If your application is approved, you must use personal protective equipment as per the requirements for the type of work you are engaged in, or as directed by the Tasmanian Director of Public Health. You must also practice with a high degree of caution and practice hand hygiene and physical distancing whilst conducting your essential business.

You must also comply with any directions given to you along with your exemption, including isolation requirements and limitations on travel.

Testing of Essential Travellers

Essential Travellers who have spent time in an area identified as high-risk for COVID-19 in the 14 days prior to their arrival in Tasmania are required to undertake a COVID-19 test within 24 hours of arrival, and a second test on or soon after day 12 of their arrival in Tasmania. Essential Travellers will also be health screened on arrival. See Essential Travellers for more information.