Current high-risk locations

There are some regions and premises in Australia that pose an elevated risk of transmission of COVID-19.

Any person who has spent time in an Affected Region or an Affected Premises in the 14 days prior to arrival in Tasmania is required to seek approval to enter the State before travelling. Read more about Coming to Tasmania. If approved, you may be required to complete 14 days quarantine in government-designated accommodation. Read more about Quarantine, including fees payable.

When applying for a G2G PASS to enter Tasmania, you must declare if you have been to one of the locations listed below as an Affected Region or an Affected Premises within the specified time period.

Affected region - Victoria (VIC)

This applies if you have spent time in Victoria in the 14 days prior to arriving in Tasmania, excluding direct transit through Victoria to a port of departure.

Direct transit through Victoria means:

  • transited directly through an airport in Victoria and did not leave the confines of the airport except to board a flight; or
  • transited directly through Victoria by vehicle to an airport or seaport without breaking the journey except to obtain fuel.

Affected premises - New South Wales (NSW)

Concord: Paperboy Cafe

10am to 12pm on Sunday 6 September

Parramatta: Albion Hotel

8:15pm to 11:15pm on Saturday 5 September

Sydney: Hyde Park Medical Centre

Friday 4 September to Saturday 5 September

Waverley: Eastern Suburbs Legion Club

Saturday 5 September 
Sunday 6 September
Monday 7 September
Anyone who attended the Legion Club on these days are considered to be a close contact and must immediately get tested and self-isolate for 14 days regardless of the result.

Affected premises - Queensland (QLD)

8 September Hungry Jack's Town Square Redbank Plains Shopping Centre Redbank Plains 8:00pm - 1:00am

Any non-essential traveller who does not have prior approval from the Deputy State Controller to enter the State may be required to leave Tasmania or enter government approved accommodation until they are able to leave Tasmania or are approved to stay by the Deputy State Controller. Leaving Tasmania will be at the traveller’s own expense.

If you are an Essential Traveller and have spent time in these locations, additional conditions will apply to you on entry to Tasmania.

People coming to Tasmania from other jurisdictions are not considered to have spent time in a high-risk area provided they have:

  • transited directly through an airport in an affected region, and not left the airport except to board a flight, or
  • transited directly through an affected region by vehicle to an airport or seaport without breaking their journey, except to obtain fuel.

Check your G2G application response for the specific conditions that apply to you.