Last Updated: 07 Jan 2022 9:11am

Isolation is required if you test positive to COVID-19. You will also need to isolate while waiting to get a COVID-19 test and while awaiting the result of the test.

If you are required to isolate, you must stay in your home/suitable premises or government-managed quarantine facility away from other people in your household to avoid infecting others with COVID-19.

During isolation you cannot leave your house for any reason unless it is an emergency, you need medical help, or to escape family violence.

If you have COVID-19, you will need to remain in isolation until contacted by Public Health.

You will be contacted by midday on day 7 of your isolation. If you have no symptoms you can leave isolation on that day. If you still have mild symptoms you should stay isolated for another 3 days. People who are immunocompromised should talk to their treating doctor about when it is safe to leave isolation.

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