Stay at home

Last Updated: 23 Sep 2021 5:52pm

Being placed under a Stay at Home Direction means you must stay at home/at your accommodation (with limited exceptions) until 14 days after you were last in the high-risk area and return a negative COVID-19 test result. The negative test must have been taken at a specific time after you were last in the high-risk area. Public Health will contact you directly with more details about your testing requirements.

Anyone under the Stay at Home direction must not have visitors unless for a permitted reason, for example to receive medical treatment that cannot be accessed via telehealth.

On the 15th day, provided you have a negative test result, your Stay at Home direction will end and you can leave home without restriction.

Please refer to the FAQ accordions below to understand the restrictions that apply to your movements and activities whilst you are under a Stay at Home Direction.

While under the Stay at Home Direction, there are five main reasons you can leave home:

  • To shop for necessary goods and services (food, beverages, fuel, urgent household supplies).
  • To access medical/health treatment or supplies (this includes to be tested for COVID-19 but does not include attending a COVID-19 vaccination appointment).
  • To attend work or school if unable to be undertaken at home.
  • To undertake personal exercise, outdoors. Exercise can be undertaken with anyone from their household or with one other person from outside their household if necessary for safety reasons. All exercise activities must be conducted within a 5km radius of the house unless this is not reasonably practicable for mobility or safety reasons
  • To leave Tasmania (transiting directly to the airport/port).

There are some additional exceptional circumstances which may permit you to leave home, this includes if there is an emergency or imminent threat to your safety (you must return home once the emergency has ended). If you need more information about exceptional circumstances, please contact the Public Health Hotline on 1800 671 738.

If you have to leave your home for any of the permitted reasons above, you must:

  • wear a face mask at all times while you are away from your home, unless you have an exemption from the requirement to wear a mask. See more on face masks
  • travel by the most direct and practical route without stopping (other than required by law, or to purchase fuel) and;
  • not stay away from home for longer than is necessary to complete the task required.

People under a Stay at Home Direction are reminded that anyone who has spent time in a high-risk area or premises in the last 14 days must not enter a residential aged care facility in Tasmania, unless exemption is granted by the Director of Public Health. This includes all aged care workers, staff and visitors. See Aged care facility visits for more information.

The Stay at Home Direction requirements do not apply to people who have transited through an airport in a high-risk area (as long as they have only spent time in a low-risk area). The Stay at Home Direction will only not apply if you have transited without leaving the airport premises, and have not been on any flights identified as high-risk.

Please note that this only applies to people placed under a Stay at Home Direction. It is not applicable to people who must quarantine. People in quarantine may not leave home for any of the 5 reasons identified above.

If you refuse to get a COVID-19 test while you are under the Stay at Home Direction, your risk will be assessed by Public Health. You may be required to stay at home for an additional length of time. This is to ensure that you do not have COVID-19, and do not pose a risk of transmitting COVID-19 in the community.