Tasmanian residents home quarantine option

Last Updated: 13 Oct 2021 3:05pm

A home quarantine option is available for eligible Tasmanian residents returning as Essential Travellers under category 8. If approved residents will be able to home quarantine for 14 days in a suitable premises.

In order to be assessed as eligible for the home quarantine option, travellers must provide evidence to the criteria listed below on their G2G application. If you are not eligible for the home quarantine option you will need to apply to quarantine in government-managed quarantine facility.

Returning Tasmanian residents must meet the following criteria to be eligible:

  • be an eligible Tasmanian resident or provide evidence of relocating to Tasmania; and
  • have not spent time in an excluded area (entry not permitted) in the 14 days before arrival (this does not include direct transit through the areas); and
  • have not visited any high-risk premises (level 1) within 14 days prior to their arrival in Tasmania; and
  • have evidence of being fully vaccinated against COVID‑19; and
  • have returned a negative COVID-19 test in the 72 hours before travelling; and
  • be able to home quarantine in a suitable premises; and
  • travel directly to quarantine wearing a face mask and using private transport (no Uber, taxi or private bus allowed) as detailed in their G2G PASS approval notification; and
  • have no other people staying at those suitable premises, unless they are also travellers completing quarantine for the same period; and
  • ensure there are no other visitors or occupants in the premises, travellers completing quarantine for the same period; and
  • post a sign on premises doors detailing they are in quarantine. A sign will be provided on arrival to Tasmania and can also be downloaded or if unable to print, a sign can be written with the same content; and
  • remain in quarantine for 14 nights and leave on the 15th day, unless you have been advised by an authorised officer that you may leave at an earlier time; and
  • only leave if:
    • being tested for COVID-19
    • there’s an emergency, such as a fire or flood
    • medical care is required that cannot be addressed via telehealth
    • approved by the Deputy State Controller to depart quarantine in order to depart Tasmania and travel directly from the place of quarantine to the airport or seaport.

Travellers can apply for Essential Traveller status via the G2G PASS system.