What can I do in quarantine and isolation

Last Updated: 23 Sep 2021 5:51pm

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Can I leave quarantine or isolation to access medical care?

You can leave quarantine or isolation to access arranged medical care when this is supported by your healthcare provider and it cannot safely or feasibly be postponed or conducted via Telehealth (i.e. over the phone) . You must contact your healthcare provider beforehand and let them know you are in or isolation. Your healthcare provider will determine if your appointment can be deferred and will provide advice on safe travel if the appointment proceeds.

Can I leave quarantine or isolation to get groceries/go to the chemist?

No. You must not leave the premises unless to seek medical care, in an emergency or to leave Tasmania to return to your home state   (note – a diagnosed case is not permitted to leave Tasmania unless directly authorised). It is important that you have support networks available to help you comply with the quarantine and isolation requirements. If possible, ask a neighbour, family member or friend to help you. Some supermarkets and greengrocers also provide a home-delivery service for groceries. Tell them to leave supplies on your doorstep and not to come into the house.

If this isn't an option, you should contact the Public Health Hotline on 1800 671 738 for emergency assistance.

If you urgently need medication, a pharmacist may be able to supply certain medicines without prescription if you don't have access to your valid prescription or are unable to see your usual doctor. Contact your local pharmacy to discuss your needs.

Pharmacists are allowed to issue an emergency supply of certain medicines without prescription to help ensure Tasmanians can continue to access medical care who may not have access to their valid prescriptions or are unable to see their GP.

These allowances do not include psychotropic substances, and are in addition to existing emergency medicines supply arrangements from a GP and pharmacist. The patient must previously have been prescribed this medicine and the pharmacist must be satisfied it is urgently needed.

Can I go outside?

If you are quarantining or isolating in a private house, you can go outside into your garden, balcony or courtyard, but you must stay on your property.

If you are quarantining or isolating in an apartment or unit, you can go onto your balcony. You can go to the shared garden if you wear a facemask to protect others and move quickly through common areas.

Can I access alcohol during quarantine or isolation?

Where alcohol providers have an option to order online, and provide contactless delivery, you may continue to receive these orders.

Can I smoke while I’m in quarantine or isolation?

If you are in government-designated accommodation, smoking is not permitted in hotel rooms. This means you cannot smoke tobacco or use electronic cigarettes in your room. If you wish to smoke, contact the hotel reception.

Can I attend a funeral if I am in quarantine or isolation?

Applications can be considered for attendance at funerals by people in quarantine if the person in quarantine is:

  • well and not displaying any symptoms of COVID-19
  • wears a mask at all times while out of quarantine or isolation
  • adheres to physical distancing recommendations and practices hand/respiratory hygiene
  • transits directly between their place of quarantine and the funeral and back, and
  • complies with any other conditions required by the Deputy State Controller or Director of Public Health.

Requests are made as part of the G2G PASS application process before you arrive in Tasmania, by contacting the Public Health Hotline or the hotel receptionist.

Can I leave Tasmania during my 14-day quarantine period?

You can leave quarantine (whether in government-designated accommodation or private residence) during the 14-day period for the purpose of leaving the State.

You must:

  • transit directly from your quarantine location to the port of departure; and
  • maintain hand hygiene and physical distancing during transit.

Note – this does not apply to a confirmed case of COVID-19.

Can I access reading materials or other forms of entertainment and education while in quarantine or isolation?

Free online resources are offered by Libraries Tasmania.

Using your Libraries Tasmania membership, you can access eBooks and storieseMagazines, eComicseNews and journals eMusiceFilms and eLanguages for free. You can also browse the online databases, historical newspapersfamily history resources, research and reference material, or access online learning resources for younger children.

To access these resources go to:

  • eLibrary where you will find information about borrowing eResources online, or
  • Tasmanian archives + heritage for historical newspapers, family history, or research and reference material.

If you aren’t already a member, you can join online here for free. Upon entering your information, you will receive a confirmation email with your membership number and be asked to create your own PIN.